What would you be willing to give up to get rid of your debt and save more money?

In this episode, I sat down with Tamar Atamian, the VP of Marketing at Wescom Credit Union, to have a chat about a recent financial survey of Southern Californian millennials. I learned some eye-opening findings like millennials in Southern California save less than $200 a month. It makes sense, this city is expensive and you have to choose how to best use your cash. Whether you live in a big city like Los Angeles or a small city, you know the struggle of figuring out how to save money, how much to save and then what to do with it.

New podcast talking about how to get rid of debt and save more plus the benefits of a credit union

What You’ll Learn

  • What most millennials would do to get rid of debt
  • How to balance saving money and achieving big goals like buying a house
  • Why Tamar thinks credit unions are an important piece of your financial future
  • How financial fears are impacting our finances
  • Tips to rev up savings in unlikely places



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