There isn’t much more that I dislike besides going to the dentist. However, in a recent study by Freedom Debt Relief, debt is still one of those taboo topics. Not only do we not want to talk about, but debt is also a silent killer of your dreams and goals and is the #1 cause of stress and anxiety around money.

Michael Micheletti, Director of Corporate Communications for Freedom Debt Relief, is dishing all the jaw-dropping revelations from this study and helping us understand the power of debt in all areas of our life.

What You’ll Learn

  • 41% of Americans said they do not set aside money for their retirement plan. Why is this is happening?
  • Do we have different debt now than previous generations?
  • Understanding why 40% of college grads thought their college education was not worth the cost.
  • What options do you have if you are in debt?
  • How to cultivate a good mindset when you are in debt.
  • What steps can we all take to be better prepared with our finances so we don’t go into debt?



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