Money is not always your biggest problem. Staying stuck in a dream state quite possibly is. As Financial Planner, Nicole Mayer says, most people stay stuck in a dream state and never really achieve their money goals. In this episode, we talk about why money isn’t your biggest problem, why bigger doesn’t always mean better, how to pivot when the shit hits the fan in life, and how to sustain staying on track with your goals in life.

What You’ll Learn

  • Uncover why money isn’t your biggest problem
  • How to escape the dream cycle when it comes to your money goals
  • Why more money isn’t always the answer
  • How to align your money with your future goals
  • How to pivot your money and goals when sh*t comes up


Meet Nicole

Nicole Mayer (AIF®, BFA TM, CDFATM, RFC®) is a Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Founder of 2nd Opinion Partners.

If you met Nicole today you would never believe that at one point her life was completely falling apart. Taking out student loans to support her family, a dysfunctional marriage, and being pregnant while discovering she had a life-threatening tumor. It was only when death was staring her in the fact that she finally decided she needed a major change and started to plan out her best life possible. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, she went on a journey that led her to discover a failproof formula to a lasting transformation.

Today she is a partner in a company managing over $300 Million helping thousands of people go from struggle to success and is the bestselling author of ‘Navigating Life’s Transitions’ – Connecting Your Means to your Meaning’.

Nicole is living the life she could only once dream of. Most people stay in the dream state and Nicole’s mission is to help them transform their dream into a reality. Because if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

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