Article after article will have you focusing on giving up your daily coffee or that mid-afternoon trip to the juice bar to better yourself financially. I think it’s time to throw out that wisdom (you can still skip your coffees if you’d like) and focus on achieving big financial wins. Things that will lead to real savings in your bank account like negotiating for a pay raise and lowering your cable and phone bill.

Today’s podcast guest, Tori Dunlap, offers a unique perspective on how you can achieve big financial wins while sharing her own money story and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why aiming for big financial wins is far more productive than cutting out your daily coffee habit
  • How to define your own big financial wins
  • Why having a value based spending method can be more beneficial than traditional budgeting
  • Tori shares valuable lessons she learned walking away from a lucrative job that she knew wasn’t right for her and how her ER fund saved the day
  • Find out why she’s passionate about fighting for women’s financial rights and the work she’s doing to change the status quo
  • Wonder what a donut and your money have in common? Tori shares her most important financial takeaway to help you get rid of money shame and guilt

All About Tori

Tori Dunlap is a marketer, blogger, speaker, and coach, specializing in personal finance. Her career started with landing a digital marketing contract worth tens of thousands, and a full-time position as the head of marketing and communications for a global security company — all before she turned 22. She currently leads digital marketing and growth at Tomorrow Ideas, a financial tech start-up.

As the founder of Victori Media, Tori helps millennial women manage their money and level up their careers. A Plutus award finalist, her work has been highlighted by Arianna Huffington, Rockstar Finance, The Financial Diet, ShineText, and more. She is obsessed with finding cheap flights, reading good books in the bathtub, and memorizing John Mulaney’s stand-up specials.


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