Women still earn less than men, so having a good negotiation strategy in place is critical to you earning what you're worth. It’s International Women’s Day today (March 8th) so that means it’s time to talk about equal pay for women. It feels like we’ve been having this conversation forever and yet we continue to talk about the inequality in pay. Just wondering when this will finally change.

Jacqueline Twillie has been a guest on Millennial Money in the past, so I couldn’t think of anyone better to have as a guest today. Jacqueline spends her day teaching people how to negotiate their way through their career and fighting for equal pay for women. She has created an amazing Negotiation Toolkit full of her fantastic tips to help you nail your negotiations.

On This Podcast:

  • We’re chatting about the importance and reality of equal pay for women
  • What you should be thinking about before you negotiate
  • How to win even if you can’t increase your salary
  • Why the fiscal year is so important to your strategy
  • What you can do to fight for equal pay in your own community

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