The myth, the man, the legend…Stan Lee the comic book genius recently passed away and he meant a lot to so many people. Stan was my friend and someone who I admire greatly. The last few years of Stan’s life brought his own super story – one filled with the tangled web of betrayal, lost fortune, and a constant reminder that you need to own your bank account no matter how famous you might be.

What You’ll Learn

  • Some of the most impactful lessons I learned from being a friend of Stan Lee for over 20 years
  • Why you always need to know what is coming in and going out of your bank account
  • How you can infuse more creativity and joy into your life
  • A simple exercise to document fear, worry, sadness, anger, and joy that will save you thousands of dollars on therapy (and it’s super helpful)
  • How to tackle important estate planning documents now and what you need
  • The power of your gut when it comes to working with other financial professionals
  • Why I loved Stan Lee so much



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