There’s really no easier way to say this – your money thoughts have as much of an impact on achieving goals as the actual “how-to’s” and practical advice about money. This is the message I’ve shared since the beginning of the podcast, and it’s one that Michelle Bobrow from the Holistic Wallet shares as well.

On This Podcast Episode:

Meet Michelle Bobrow. She’s built a whole brand around mind shifts in all areas of our lives, but particularly finances. Michelle focuses on money psychology to integrate healthy and balanced financial habits into our lives.

Through strategic planning and mindful coaching, Michelle turns numbers into a work of art as she designs holistic budgets and sustainable systems for you to pay off your past, save for your future, and enjoy the present. (YES, that’s what I’m talking about).

We cover some good points:

  • How the recession impacted her as a college student at the time and the lesson she learned
  • How you can begin to create powerful money shifts right away
  • Why non-judgmental talk is the best kind of talk around money
  • How you can create an awareness of what makes you feel good and what makes you feel like crap around your finances

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