This is my breakup letter to Equifax. There was news this week that there *might’ve* been another breach with Equifax and it sent shockwaves again through the financial community. Luckily, they have confirmed there was not another breach, but it proves why staying on top of your credit is one of the smartest money moves you can make.

On This Podcast Episode:

  • Let’s review again why your credit score matters…forever
  • What you need to know about breaches and how to avoid them (hint, you can’t)
  • Learn some steps to take in hopes of safeguarding your credit
  • How to notify the bureaus when there’s been a breach on your account

Mentioned On The Podcast:

Matt Schulz,‘s senior industry analyst advice on the supposed breach:

“This new announcement from Equifax is just Reason No. 10,000 why consumers should assume their personal information is already out there and act accordingly. It’s a scary thing to wrap your brain around, but the truth is that you’re better off assuming the worst and taking steps to protect yourself.”

Take advantage of your free credit reports from, but also know that Americans have never had more access to credit scores and reports than they do today. Many major credit card issuers provide free FICO scores. Apps like‘s Score and Report give you regular access to your credit score and your credit report. The tools are out there, and it’s important to make use of them.”

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